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"The Santa Signal was the hi-lite of my Christmas!" - Megan B., Austin, TX. . . . . "This was a great way to share Christmas with my grandaughter. I'll never forget it." Dan G., Denver, CO. . . . . "I belly-laughed so hard when I saw my sons' reactions!" - Kari L., Long Beach, CA. . . . . "I will never forget the look on my son's face when he saw the fireplace glowing red. It was precious." - D. Kaye, Redmond, WA. . . . . "Great product. Everyone I've bought it for loves it!" - Dr. Steve K., Redondo Beach, CA. . . . . "I absolutely love The Santa Signal!" - Jamie T., Norwalk, CT. . . . . "I love The Santa Signal! I'll never forget my children's excited expressions." - Kim K., Woodbridge, NJ. . . . . "It's great fun!" - J. James, Crowley, TX. . . . . "I really am glad I got The Santa Signal this year. My kids are going to be so excited." - Annie S., Cookeville, TN. . . . .

Introducing The Santa Signal

The Newest Christmas Tradition!

Parents and grandparents have found a new and magical way to celebrate Christmas with their little ones. It's called The Santa Signal and it is creating unforgettable reactions from children around the world.

The Santa Signal is a device that lets you tell Santa Claus when to come fly to your house on Christmas Eve... Really!

When it's time for bed on Christmas Eve, just turn The Santa Signal "on" and either attach it to the damper handle inside your fireplace. Of course, you want to do this when the kids aren't looking!

In two minutes, you and your family will actually HEAR Santa Claus from your own fireplace!
The best part is when Santa overhears the children and asks his favorite reindeer to look and see if all the kids have gone to bed. This is when a bright red light is going to LIGHT UP the inside of your fireplace.
When Santa finds out the kids are still awake, he says, "I hope they go to bed soon. Otherwise, we'll have to leave." This is when the kids run off to bed giving the adults a peaceful evening to prepare for Christmas morning.

The Santa Signal is an easy way to add a lot of magic to your Christmas year after year!

See a demonstration of The Santa Signal by watching the video below: